Welcome to my story "HeART of a SOULJAH"

Welcome to the Jungle. Koncrete is the foundation and the wild animals are plenty. I would like you to meet  AIR BAIR, he is the heART. We will get into this later in the story. For today just know this little guy is absolutely full of light and love. Just like a child in his most comfortable space, AIR BAIR lives to play. He is very simple and always happy. A fighter he is not, which is why RUFNEK the Souljah is vital to his existence. RUFNEK is the defender and protector sworn to lay down his life if necessary. AIR BAIR is dedicated to showing RUFNEK the way of the Sun. He has promised him a life of peace, which is quite the opposite to the way of the Warrior RUFNEK is accustomed to. Together they roam the jungle, looking for adventure, survival and helping those who need help when destiny provides opportunities to lift, love and inspire others to become the greatest versions of themselves. Life is war, and in order to bring some level of  peace they must learn to balance each other. The BAIR and the Souljah, when united they are a force to be reckoned with. 

Ruben D. Alvarez